Akapad range

  • Previously known as the Wishab Sponge, this range of cleaning sponges has been developed and improved by Akachemie since 1998
  • The Akapad product range includes four sponges of varying degrees of hardness, designed for different surfaces ranging from aged paper through to textiles, paintings and frescos
  • Consists of a filled vulcanized latex sponge, with a blue layer to be used as a handle not for cleaning!
Features and Benefits
  • White - Developed for gentle cleaning of historical papers, plans, documents and particularly sensitive surfaces.
  • Soft - Suitable for sensitive and structured surfaces. e.g. pictures, frescos, mural paintings, wallpaper, textiles
  • Hard - Used for all smooth surfaces. e.g. walls, ceilings, paintings, frescos.
  • Extra hard - Used for non-sensitive rough surfaces. e.g. walls, paintings, masonry
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Aka.Ex.HAkapad Dry Cleaning Sponge Extra Hard116.00
Aka.HAkapad Dry Cleaning Sponge - Hard114.00
Aka.SAkapad Dry Cleaning Sponge - Soft112.00
Aka.WhiteSoftAkapad Dry Cleaning Sponge - WhiteSoft118.00
Aka.WhiteFlexibleAkapad Dry Cleaning Sponge - White Flexible119.00
Aka.TissueAka cleaning tissue124.00
All prices inclusive of GST