Polyweld Polyester Sleeve - Style A

  • Archival Polyester sleeve
  • 75 micron
  • Crystal clear clarity
  • Open on one short side, welded on three sides
Features and Benefits
  • Ultimate protection for the preservation of works on paper
  • Suitable for the storage of photographs, documents, letters, maps, fine prints, textiles
  • Placing the item in a Polyweld enclosure allows the contents to be viewed without exposing the contents to contamination from handling or the environment
  • All enclosures are hand made using the Polyweld process from Archival Polyester
  • Polywelds are dimensionally stable
  • Free from all plasticizers, surface coatings, adhesive layers and ultraviolet inhibitors
  • Tested and proven to withstand 500 years of artificial ageing at 105 degrees Celsius & 50% relative humidity
  • Also available Made to Order
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PW-A-A5-100To fit A5158 x 225mm100128.00
PW-A-A4-100To fit A4220 x 305mm100200.00
PW-A-FC-100To fit Foolscap221 x 350mm100214.00
PW-A-A3-100To fit A3310 x 430mm100290.00
PW-A-A2-100To fit A2 (100 micron)428 x 604mm100460.00


PW-A-4x5-100To fit 4 x 5110 x 137mm10089.00
PW-A-4x6-100To fit 4 x 6110 x 158mm100100.00
PW-A-5x6-100To fit 5 x 6135 x 158mm100100.00
PW-A-5x7-100To fit 5 x 7135 x 188mm100100.00
PW-A-6x9-100To fit 6 x 9177 x 234mm100122.00
PW-A-8x10-100To fit 8 x 10210 x 265mm100148.00
All prices inclusive of GST