Beva 371 Film

  • Gustav Berger's adhesive in film form
  • 25 micron
Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for many uses in the repair of papers, paintings and textiles
  • Specifically created for conservation applications
  • Ideal for transparent lining of paintings, textile and paper conservation
  • Adhesive film sandwiched between white silicone-coated paper and a polyester release sheet
  • The transparent support allows the film to be cut precisely to any shape, to be inserted into loose areas, or de-laminating paint to be properly aligned - all before the film is heat activated
  • Activate the adhesive with a tacking iron or hot air blower and remove the support film
  • Adhesive is not liquid and can therefore be cut and applied to small, well defined areas without concern about spreading
  • This film can be removed from absorbent surfaces using hexane or acetone, provided these solvents do not damage the artwork involved. It is reversible by heat and low-aromatic petroleum solvents
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Beva.Film.1.roll1 mil Beva Film685mm x 6m1 roll255.00
Beva.Film.2.5.roll2.5 mil Beva Film685mm x 6m1 roll255.00 per metre685mm wide155.00 per metre685mm wide155.00
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