Solander Boxes

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  • Museum box covered in textured book cloth
  • Handcrafted archival quality
  • Black
  • Drop down spine
  • Lined with heavy weight white archival barrier paper
Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for the presentation of important works or the storage of photographs, documents, artefacts, collectables etc
  • Drop down spine for easy access to contents
  • Constructed from heavyweight ply board and sealed with pH neutral adhesive
  • Lined with heavy weight white archival barrier paper which is lignin and hemicellulose free, buffered with calcium carbonate
  • Excellent protection from dust and light
  • Capacity: approximately 50 ProLong® archival sleeves
  • Optional accessories: Handle, lock, feet, nameplate
  • Also available Made to Order
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CodeDescriptionInternal Dimensions W X L X DUnitPriceQty   Cart  
Pres.Sol.A4To fit A4228 x 318 x 60mm1295.00
Pres.Sol.A3To fit A3320 x 440 x 60mm1315.00
Pres.Sol.11x14To fit 11 x 14"298 x 373 x 60mm1315.00
Pres.Sol.12x18To fit 12 x 18"305 x 457 x 60mm1315.00
Pres.Sol.16x22To fit 16 x 22"406 x 559 x 60mm1339.00
Pres.Sol.19x25To fit 19 x 25"483 x 635 x 60mm1378.00
Pres.Sol.24x32To fit 24 x 32"610 x 813 x 60mm1508.00
Pres.Sol.25x34To fit 25 x 34"635 x 864 x 60mm1515.00

Optional Accessories

Pres.NameplateNameplateNickel Plated111.45
Pres.ClipsHandleClips and HandleNickel Plated2149.50
Pres.LockClipLock & Clip combinationNickel Plated1set114.00
Pres.FeetFeetNickel Plated465.00
All prices inclusive of GST