Polyester Print Sleeves

  • Archival Polyester print sleeve
  • 75 micron
  • Crystal clear clarity
  • Open on one long side, welded on three sides
Features and Benefits
  • Safe and reliable enclosure for the protection, preservation or presentation of irreplaceable records, documents, photographs, artworks, etc
  • Reduces damage caused by dust, dirt, and atmospheric pollution etc. Protects against damage caused by handling
  • Handmade using the Polyweld process
  • The crystal clear glass like clarity of polyester film considerably enhances the appearance of all items
  • Stable and inert material will not react chemically with contents
  • Archival Polyester will not become brittle or yellow with age
  • Also available Made to Order
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CodeDescriptionDimensions W X LUnitPriceQty   Cart  
PAPS-P-4x6-25To fit 4 x 6"110 x 158mm25pk25.00
PAPS-P-5x7-25To fit 5 x 7"135 x 188mm25pk25.00
PAPS-P-8x10-25To fit 8 x 10"210 x 265mm25pk38.00
PAPS-P-9.5x12.5-25To fit 9.5 x 12.5"250 x 325mm25pk50.00
PAPS-P-10x12-25To fit 10 x 12"265 x 315mm25pk52.00
PAPS-P-11x14-25To fit 11 x 14"290 x 365mm25pk52.00
PAPS-P-12x16-25To fit 12 x 16"315 x 415mm25pk75.00
PAPS-P-15x18-25To fit 15 x 18"390 x 465mm25pk80.00
PAPS-P-16x20-25To fit 16 x 20"415 x 520mm25pk90.00
All prices inclusive of GST