Polyester Welding at Preservation Australia and Conservation Resources

Preservation Australia and Conservation Resources's welding machine

Preservation Australia and Conservation Resources commissioned a polyester heat-welding machine to be designed and made in Australia.

This purpose built machine is open-ended which means that continuous welded edges of any length can be produced, allowing large sleeves to be made without having to fold and crease the polyester.

The surface of the machine has been worked to an extremely smooth finish to ensure a scratch-free sleeve is produced every time.

Heat welding (using radiant heat) seals the edge of the polyester sheets through bi-axial reorientation of the polymer, which means that the seal is as strong as the polyester and no adhesives or solvents need to be used. The seal gives a smooth, rolled appearance to the edge of the polyester and is continuous from one end of the sheet to the other.

Our Guarantee

  • we guarantee that every PolyWeld is made from archival polyester that has been approved by the Library of Congress, and meets US Government specifications for archival polyesters (L-P-00670A and L-P-337A).
  • At Preservation Australia and Conservation Resources, every polyester sleeve (PolyWeld) is hand made with each weld tested before it is packed.

It is important that archival polyester is used for the storage and display of cultural material, as it is:

  • Inert and will therefore not chemically react to its immediate environment or contents
  • Free from additives such as plasticisers and ultraviolet filters, and surface coatings such as anti-static treatments - which cause problems for cultural materials, as well as leading to the breakdown of the polyester

Polyester sleeves are used for the storage and preservation of collections around the world -as well as at the National Archives of Australia, the National Gallery of Australia, and the National Library of Australia - with sleeves supplied by Preservation Australia and Conservation Resources.

Not all polyesters are archival!

Buy PolyWelds from Preservation Australia and Conservation Resources and be sure that you are buying the best.